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Covid 19 Guidance


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Dear Friends in Christ,

     It is with mixed emotions that I announced that worship services will be cancelled until further notice.  We all are aware of the need to follow ‘the strict guidelines’ that our government had set out, but we are also saddened that when our Christian community is so needed for support and comfort, we cannot share that resource.  We take heart in knowing that this is a temporary situation, and that we still have access to the Word of God that is so central to our faith.  With that said, we don’t know for how long, we’ll take a few weeks at a time, being assured that ‘this time will pass’, and at some point we’ll be able to resume normal activities.

     In the meantime, we’ll try to utilize the means of communication that we have available.  Currently, our service will be on Facebook and the text of the sermon will be mailed to those without computer access and e-mailed to everyone else. We hope that those not able to share internet capabilities, will be able to receive our thoughts through the mail, telephone, or visits.  I will be at church Mondays and Wednesdays in the morning and afternoon, available by phone or email most of the time.  I will send out a commentary on the weekly lessons and suggest other ways of keeping the faith.  We’ll try to mail out some information for those who don’t have access (please let Patty know if we aren’t aware).  We also ask that you be more responsive to us if you have a concern or need so we can share it with the community or at least include it in our prayers. 

     We hope you’ll make every effort to stay healthy and safe.  The usual admonitions of wearing a mask, washing hands and maintaining the 6 foot distance with others are the obvious, but also watching out for each other and being good neighbors are crucial.  Freedom has been spared the virus so far, but it’s almost inevitable that we’ll be exposed at some point.  We have a vulnerable population, but no one knows the strength of our faith in dealing with the obstacles that this world places before us.  So, be strong in the Lord, knowing that we will not be overcome by anything put before us, or to put it another way, “There is nothing in all creation that can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 8:39)

     One final thing, we encourage you to keep up your offerings if possible.  Obviously, the church depends on members and friends to maintain the building, support the personnel, and provide a helping hand.  Our office will be keeping some hours, and the food pantry will hand out food on Saturdays.  Your checks or cash will be counted as they come in.  So, we thank you for participating in our mutual ministry!

God Bless and keep the Faith!



Greetings in the name of our Lord!

We are pleased to have you visit our website. We are hopeful that it will serve to identify us as a community of faith where we all struggle to find ourselves as disciples (followers, learners, servers) of the one God (Creator, Savior, and Nourisher). May God bless you on your journey!

Worship Service – 10am Sunday
Sunday School – 10:15am Sunday